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I have a new «everything else post» on the main web site:

27.10.12: To day, see how IKEA has startet selling viking ships models !

28.10.12: Updated the linkpage!

31.10.12: can now be translated to your own language!



My first blog

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This is the first time I try a blog, so we’ll see if this is the medium that feels most appropriate. The site is designed with a focus on building conservation work, traditional crafts and research in the field.

I could have chosen to write in Norwegian, but since we are part of a common European culture craft, it feels most appropriate to use the English language that is understood by more people than those who speak the Scandinavian languages. You can always use google trans app in your web browser.

The blog is created 7 August 11, so it will naturally take some time before we are up and running fully.

best regards
Torstein J.